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Welcome to The Amen Corner

The Amen Corner Devotionals

ATTENTION... Brothers and Sisters!

We are inviting you to meet with us in the “Amen Corner” at our Father’s House. Here is a special seat just for you. So take off your hat, coat and gloves, relax, and stay a while with us in this special place. We can share our love of God together.

This house is always open, and no one can take your seat. Just leave your cares and burdens at the door. You will no longer have them when you leave. You are welcome to just sit a while or get down on your knees. Comfort, peace, and encouragement will join us there, and Pastor is always preaching.He has a word just for you and we can hear it in his teaching. The word “Amen” means let it be so. May the Spirit of the Lord give us ears to hear, eyes to see, and a heart to understand what our Heavenly Father would say to us, during this devotional time together. Can you say “Amen” and “Amen? Let it be so, Let it be so!

The Amen Corner Devotionals Introduction:

“Miss Nannie”

Oh...groan...uggh.... how our lifestyles have changed over the years.... some for the better, others not so much.We can easily fast forward through 200 TV channels,whiz through a bazillion fast food restaurants or zip through our daily devotionals with a few furious clicks of the button. This leaves the false impression

that by speed reading or speed dialing, not excluding our devotional time, at no less than 100 MPH - we

have profited by saving time. Time is a commodity that God created for us not Himself. So often, without adding the sec ret ingredient of time, we rarely receive the nourishment our body, soul and spirits so tend to crave. We can pile our plates high, and leave as famished as when we began. Content matters! Taking time to savor every bite matters! Otherwise, you may not remember what you just gulped ‘down the hatch’ or worse yet...choke!

My beloved Grandmother has been gone now far too many years. She took with her one of my most cherished traditions. The traditional Sunday dinners served on my grandmother’s best china atop her

finest starched linens have now become extinct - due to the scattered family members and the lack of

value for time.

Sundays were my grandmother’s opportunity to step into the spotlight front and center. She was adorned with; a fresh coiffed doo, a crisp starched white apron, adorned with her ‘ear screws’ and red lip stick. This was a woman with a mission - armed with her coveted treasures – her priceless antique dishes and linens.

These Sunday meals took hours to fry, roast, boil, and bake. They were completely prepared and eaten

at home. These tantalizing country menus included; fried chicken minus the bucket, sweet tea poured

from my grandmother’s prize crystal tea pitcher, and home-grown vegetables from the family’s garden.

All the women contributed to the weekly pot-luck dinners. These women varied in their abilities, along

with their specialties. The home-made, hand churned banana ice cream sealed this labor of love. Every surprise guest was treated and served as if they were royalty. After each and everyone were full to the gills, they formed a line to the kitchen sink where all hands were on deck to clean up after the feast.

As far as I know... my grandmother was never politically correct. She fed and clothed as many as came

through the back door as the front. It was my grandmother’s ultimate goal that you arrive hungry; enjoy the beauty of the table settings, feel your taste buds do the happy dance, and have you leave satiated, with a hand-full of leftovers for your next meal. Before the last wave good-bye, she was planning her next meal. She had the special gifting to create an appetite for more. The Amen Corner Devotionals are meant to be simple, beautiful, bite-size morsels of hope in life’s realities - perhaps with a giggle on top, leaving us with something for our hearts to chew on during the frantic moments in the press of life. Just like my grandmother’s crowded kitchen, they have been written by a variety of cooks in the Father’s kitchen of life.

My grandmother may have gone to the bye and bye to reserve her family a seat at the Marriage Supper

of the Lamb, but her goal to leave you hungering for more lives on, now, through me. “Pass the buttah,


May it be so, Amen and Amen.

Bon Appétit

Cathy Summar Flynn

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