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The Lonely Little Star

La Estrellita Solitaria
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The first book of "The Lonely Little Star Series" has been honored with the prestigious Mom's Choice Award and Finalist in the Global Book Awards!

This whimsical children's book and app explores the power of our differences in shaping our destiny.  Every child deserves to feel loved and chosen for a unique purpose.

Join the Lonely Little Star and his future best friend, Twinkle, on a cosmic adventure to discover their special place in the universe.

Uncover the hidden "Destiny Star" on each page by tapping it!

With charming storytelling and adorable illustrations, parents can teach their children about their purpose and the remarkable things they are destined for.

This enchanting book encourages compassion, diversity, and confidence in the face of challenges.

Both children and adults will enjoy being part of his triumphs, while also identifying with his struggles.  Along the way, we will all be cheering, "Shine, shine our treasured star.  Shine because of who you are!"

A must-have addition to any home or library.  It is perfect for children of all ages.

Don't miss the opportunity to gift this beautiful story to a child today, available in both English and Spanish as "La Estrellita Solitaria"!

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