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The Lonely Little Star
La Estrellita Solitaria

 Written & Illustrated By:
Cathy Summar Flynn

The Lonely Little Star

& La Estrellita Solitaria available
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The Lonely Little Star - English

The long awaited day has finally arrived! The Lonely Little Star is welcomed by his loving parents, Mr. and Mrs. Twilight.  Although he is different from the other stars in the nursery, in their eyes he was perfect.


Our life's challenges never take God by surprise. He plans for help along the way.  We get a peek into a time to come and meet Twinkle, his "future best friend ever!” 


No one is exempt from feeling different. The Lonely Little Star proves how universal our experiences really are. 


Every child should have the opportunity to know how it feels to be loved and to be chosen for a unique destiny. This charming blend of story-telling and endearing illustrations is a great means to help parents instill in their children the truth that they are purposefully created, loved, and destined for great things.


You will walk hand and heart with the Lonely Little Star through his first journey of the series.  Locate the tiny “Destiny Star” on each page to help guide the Lonely Little Star on his pilgrimage to discover his special place in the universe. 


The Lonely Little Star is a great tool to inspire compassion, embrace diversity, still maintaining your self-esteem while facing life’s social challenges. The story is accompanied by original music and lyrics created exclusively for The Lonely Little Star series. 


Children and adults alike will love this beautiful blend of storytelling, endearing illustrations, and subtle animation. Your child has the option to read by themselves or enjoy the soothing audio read by “Aunt Clanci”.


Everyone will share The Lonely Little Star’s triumphs and identify with his struggles rooting for him to be all he can be, and cheering, “Shine, shine our treasured star. Shine because of who you are!”

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