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Bullies Are Not Superstars!

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The LL star realizes at an early age that he does not look exactly like the other stars. Even though he knows he was born a star, and feels like a star- he is not the same size or the same color as the rest of the stars his age. Sadly, for some reason this makes some of the other stars uncomfortable. They respond to his differences by teasing and making fun of him. 


The Lonely Little Star’s parents recognize their child is very special. They encourage him to believe that regardless of his physical challenges on the outside - these things that seem odd to the other stars cannot hide the brightness of his destiny. His parents explain that the other star's rude behavior is called "bullying." 


The lonely little star discovers early on that, although, all stars are born equal, they are not treated equal, and Bullies Are Not Stars! On the Lonely Little Star's journey to discover his destiny, he must first learn what "bullying" is and how to stop it. Not just for himself, but any other star that may be going through the same things, and having these same feelings. Maybe he could make a difference in his universe!


    Bullies Are Not Superstars! A book about bullying - A star's point of view.

Grandmop's Treasure Trove of Wisdom

Instead of children occupying themselves with electronic devices, kids and adults will be sharing quality time together colorizing these fun and educational stories.  Grandmop’s Treasure Trove of Wisdom – The book uncovers hidden nuggets from the book of Proverbs.


The author of Proverbs, King Solomon, is still regarded as the wisest man who ever lived.  This inspired activity book features original hand-drawings based on the scriptures.  What better way to teach your child, and discover for yourself, than by reading from the book written by the master of wisdom.


It is never too late for adults to discover, and it is good for children to be taught early, the instruction, values, and morals of Proverbs.  As a parent, you have the greatest influence on your child.  This activity book enables you to teach them the Bible’s wisdom in a simple, fun, and interactive manner.


With Grandmop’s Treasure Trove of Wisdom, children will be memorizing Bible verses while enjoying the fun activities.  Not only will this book excite their coloring creativity, but it will help them grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding.  We hope you enjoy this interactive and valued time between you and your loved ones.


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