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The Lonely Little Star

copy_WIX_Series Covers Our Differences S

La Estrellita Solitaria

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Bullies are NOT Superstars

Grandmop's Treasure Trove of Wisdom

The Lonely Little Star - English Description


Volume 1

In a society where, from the youngest to the eldest, only perfection is acknowledged...could it be that our differences, not normally accepted or understood, may actually cause us to discover our destiny?

After much anticipation, the day is finally here! Mr. and Mrs. Twilight are happy to announce the arrival of their Lonely Little Star. While different from other stars in the nursery to the happy parents, he is absolutely perfect.

Everyone, at some point, will feel different. The Lonely Little Star is a reminder of just how universal our personal experiences really are. Every child should have the chance to know what it feels like to be loved and to know they have been chosen for a unique destiny.

Walk hand and heart with the Lonely Little Star through his first journey in this all new series. Find the hidden "Destiny Star" on each page to help guide the Lonely Little Star on his pilgrimage to find his special place in the universe.

Children and adults alike will enjoy being a part of his triumphs, while also identifying with his struggles.

Along the way we will all be cheering, "Shine, shine our treasured star. Shine because of who you are!"

With a charming blend of storytelling and endearing illustrations, this book is a great way for parents to help teach their children that they were purposefully created, are loved, and are destined for great things.

The Lonely Little Star is a great tool for inspiring compassion and embracing diversity, all the while helping children maintain confidence even in the face of life's many challenges.

The Lonely Little Star, "Keepsake Book" would make a wonderful addition to every home, school, and library.


La Estrellita Solitaria - Espanol Description

copy_WIX_Series Covers Our Differences S

El día tan esperado por fin ha llegado! La Estrellita Solitaria es bien recibida por sus amorosos padres, Sr. y Sra  Twilight. "A pesar de que es diferente a las otras estrellas en la guardería, en sus ojos él era perfecto." 


Nadie está exento de sentirse diferente. La Estrellita Solitaria demuestra lo universal, que nuestras experiencias son en realidad.

Los desafíos de nuestra vida nunca toman a Dios por sorpresa. El planea la ayuda en el camino. Conseguimos una ojeada en un tiempo para venir y conocer a brillo su,  "futuro mejor amigo!"


Busque la "estrella del destino" en cada página para ayudar a guiar a la  estrellita solitaria en su peregrinar a descubrir su lugar especial en el universo.


Usted tendrá que caminar mano y con el corazón con la Estrellita Solitaria a través de su primer viaje de la serie "recuerdo".


Cada niño debe tener la oportunidad de saber qué se siente ser amado y ser elegido para un destino único. Esta encantadora mezcla de narración de cuentos e ilustraciones entrañables es un gran medio para ayudar a los padres inculcar en sus hijos la verdad que son creados a propósito, me encantó, y que son  destinados para  grandes cosas. La Estrellita Solitaria es una gran herramienta para inspirar compasión, y abrazar la diversidad.


La Estrellita Solitaria  es un ejemplo de mantener su autoestima mientras que enfrentas a los retos sociales de la vida. Todo el mundo va a compartir triunfos de la Estrellita Solitaria e identificarse con sus luchas mientras que aprende que todo lo que puede ser, y se anima, "Brilla,  brilla nuestra  preciada estrella. Brilla por ser quien eres! "



Volume 1

Bullies Are Not Superstars! - English

Coming Soon!

The LL star realizes at an early age that he does not look exactly like the other stars. Even though he knows he was born a star, and feels like a star- he is not the same size or the same color as the rest of the stars his age. Sadly, for some reason this makes some of the other stars uncomfortable. They respond to his differences by teasing and making fun of him. 


The Lonely Little Star’s parents recognize their child is very special. They encourage him to believe that regardless of his physical challenges on the outside - these things that seem odd to the other stars cannot hide the brightness of his destiny. His parents explain that the other star's rude behavior is called "bullying." 


The lonely little star discovers early on that, although, all stars are born equal, they are not treated equal, and Bullies Are Not Stars! On the Lonely Little Star's journey to discover his destiny, he must first learn what "bullying" is and how to stop it. Not just for himself, but any other star that may be going through the same things, and having these same feelings. Maybe he could make a difference in his universe!


Bullies Are Not Superstars!

A book about bullying - a star's point of view.


Grandmop's Treasure Trove of Wisdom - English

Coming Soon!

Instead of children occupying themselves with electronic devices, kids and adults will be sharing quality time together colorizing these fun and educational stories.  Grandmop’s Treasure Trove of Wisdom – Nuggets from the book of Proverbs activity book has (15) pages featuring some of the most notable characters from the Bible and uncovers hidden nuggets from the book of Proverbs.


The author of Proverbs, King Solomon, is still regarded as the wisest man who ever lived.  This inspired activity book features original hand-drawings based on the scriptures.  What better way to teach your child, and discover for yourself, than by reading from the book written by the master of wisdom.


It is never too late for adults to discover, and it is good for children to be taught early, the instruction, values, and morals of Proverbs.  As a parent, you have the greatest influence on your child.  This activity book enables you to teach them the Bible’s wisdom in a simple, fun, and interactive manner.


With Grandmop’s Treasure Trove of Wisdom, children will be memorizing Bible verses while enjoying the fun activities.  Not only will this book excite their coloring creativity, but it will help them grow in wisdom, knowledge, understanding.  We hope you enjoy this interactive and valued time between you and your loved ones.


Grandmop's Treasure Trove of Wisdom!

Nuggets from the book of Proverbs.