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Meet Cathy




Cathy Summar Flynn is the Author/Illustrator and Mom’s Choice Award winner for the first book of the “Lonely Little Star Series,” The Lonely Little Star, and its Spanish version “La Estrellita Solitaria.”

Since early childhood, she has had a passion for reading and drawing. Often reading a favorite story numerous times, she would then attempt to recreate her favorite images. Today her pen serves as a tool for writing as well as illustrating her own stories. Her writings and illustrations convey a passion to create products that include bi-lingual options and to promote spiritual growth while blending humor and diversity.

Eventually, her creative journey led her to form her own company, High Art Forms, LLC. Her large portfolio features a treasure trove of her unique products that reflect a variety of genres for children and adults of all ages. These creations include storybooks, apps, coloring books, and novelties.

This year, she ventured into the world of animated children's apps. Her book, “The Lonely Little Star”, and its Spanish version, “La Estrellita Solitaria”, are now available as apps as well as interactive iBooks.

Even when life blurred her ever-sharp focus, Cathy never stopped writing stories and illustrating them. Always fueled by her enterprising spirit, Cathy never succumbed to the dreaded disease, "SOMEDAY," which has destroyed the dreams of so many in her field.

Her goal in life, she says could not be expressed any better than in the words of the much-beloved Erma Bombeck:  "When I stand before God at the end of my life, I would hope that I would not have a single bit of talent left, and could say, “I used everything you gave me."


"An Orange Tea Party Kind of Day"
XoXo, GrandMop

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