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If you are interested in knowing more about a member of the “Dream Team” click on each picture below to read about them or contact Cathy Summar Flynn at :


info@highartforms.com for any questions you may have.

Clanci Jordan: Editor/ Story Narration - Clanci spent her entire career in the non-profit arena.  After attending law school, she spent her early years working as a volunteer services director at a county hospital in her home town of Memphis, Tennessee. Clanci was recruited by March of Dimes and happily spent the next 26 years of her working life as a non-profit manager.  She advanced to the position of Area Director, where she managed several states for nearly 15 years.


Clanci took early retirement from March of Dimes, and after a brief respite, accepted the position of Executive Director of The Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation of Georgia.  There, she loved every minute of her work for nearly five years before she “retired.” 


Shortly after leaving JDRF, Clanci was approached by her beloved sister-in-law, Cathy Summar Flynn, to assist her in her work as writer, illustrator “extraordinaire.”  Having long admired Cathy’s amazing talent and tremendous faith, she jumped at the chance to work in a creative endeavor and continue her own personal growth.  It has been an exciting and very fulfilling time and she’s looking forward to continuing her work as “Editor and Chief.”

Tammy Saylors: Original Music/Lyrics - I am most of all a blessed mother of two wonderful, active boys.  My career for the past 23 years has been working as a Master Barber- Stylist, Salon and Spa owner. As you can imagine, all of this keeps me very busy, but in my spare time, I love singing, playing piano and guitar as well as writing music and poetry. Last but not least, for the past eight years I have also had the pleasure of serving as the Choir Director of my church.


I have grown to love and respect Cathy Flynn during the time I have known her. She is a beautiful, spirit filled, as well as and talented lady and I am honored to play a part in the realization of her dream. 

Eli Saylors: Prayer Narration - Eli is a very active, enthusiastic and creative nine year old boy. He gave his heart to the Lord at an early age and is a blessing to everyone who knows him.  Eli was thrilled to lend his voice to “The Lonely Little Star” and has thoroughly enjoyed helping Cathy or Grandmop, as he knows her, fulfill her dream. 

Veronica Gonzalez: Spanish Narration - My name is Veronica and my family and I are of Mexican descent. I live in Tennessee with my husband and our two wonderful sons - the youngest is three and the oldest is now six years old. What I enjoy most is spending time with my family.  I read with my children every evening and they enjoy it as much as I do.  They love to hear about history, exciting adventures, and, of course, funny stories.  Reading together gives us a chance to have real quality time as a family. 


I have enjoyed being a part of this wonderful project because I love books.  I have always loved reading and believe it should be a big part of everyone’s life.  Reading allows us all to use our imaginations to travel to other countries, meet people from different cultures, and learn about things we could never come to know in our everyday lives.  


Working with Cathy Flynn has been an amazing experience for me. She is an extremely talented writer and illustrator and loves books as much as I do.  I thank God for giving me this great opportunity and I thank Cathy for allowing me to be a part of her dream.

Catalina LeÓn: Spanish Translation -I am a student at Middle Tennessee State University where I am currently working on a Bachelors degree in Social Work. My career goal is to become a child advocate where I will be able to work with children who help in order to reach their full potential. I am of Mexican descent, and I am active in the Hispanic community in Cookeville, Tennessee, where I live, as well as on my university’s campus. In addition, I am a leadership member of the “FUTURO” organization, where I work with other college students to bridge the gap between college and career.


 "I've enjoyed working with Cathy on these books and hope that these books have the same impact on many children around the world just as this experience has been an incredible blessing in my life."

Aaron Terry: Animator - My name is Aaron Terry and I hail from the beautiful state of Utah. I love outdoor activities like camping, fishing, and snowboarding.  In addition, like many others, I have become an avid video gamer!


After venturing down several different career paths, I settled on app development. I love my work and have successfully developed apps for several books including Gary’s Place, Gary’s Worms,  Ants Ants Ants, and The Lonely Little Star. I  also enjoy coaching people on how to use Kwik.

Chris Roberts:  Audio - Chris is s a full-time audio engineer, musician, music instructor, and singer/songwriter from Cookeville, TN. Beginning his pursuit on guitar at the young age of 8 years old, and Chris has always expressed a deep desire and appreciation for the arts. His musical journey has since taken him from the mission fields to the commercial stage, and even into the orchestra pit for musical theater. Experimenting early on with the art of recording and production, he quickly began to feel at home in the studio, and eventually behind the controls. As a music instructor, Chris is busy bringing his passion to all ages weekly through lessons, and is helping to keep the local arts thriving. Whether it's editing audio, writing songs and soundtracks, or arranging for other artists, creating, playing, and recording have always been true passions for Chris. 


Cathy, it has been a pleasure to work, laugh, and learn with you and the team on "The Lonely Little Star". You have a way of motivating others to achieve above and beyond what they believed possible. Keep reaching for the stars, especially those "Lonely Little" ones...

Tim Willis: BFF/Dream Launcher - This is one of my long-time sidekicks, Tim Willis.  He is a devoted husband, the loving father of five beautiful children, Real Estate director for one of the largest design companies, and owner of Backstage Productions. Without him neither Modern Orange Blog nor High Art Forms would exist.


He fearlessly took the 'ole gray mare' and her dreams by the computer and led her into the land of reality. Thanks for all of your help, putting up with all the melt downs, lost pass words, and fighting over the letter "G"!

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